Strategies2Integrate Executives are proven leaders in the Data Integration arena.

About Us

Andy Sorrell is the President of Strategies2Integrate, a Texas-based software and consulting company specializing in providing the software and services required to successfully embed IBM® Websphere® Data Integration Suite tools into other applications. Andy has over 25 years experience in various aspects of the high-tech arena including Product Management, Consulting, Marketing, and Sales positions at several multi-billon dollar hardware and software manufacturers.

Most recently Andy was the Director of Sales for DSG Technology, a consulting practice that focused on the deployment of enterprise financial reporting systems and e-portal systems for Fortune 1000 companies throughout the US. DSG’s consultants specialized in integrating data from multiple major financial applications and data warehouses into consolidated financial reports.

Prior to working at DSG, Andy won numerous sales awards as one of the top Corporate Account Managers in the U.S. for Seagate Software’s Business Intelligence Products. While at Seagate, Andy was instrumental in the creation of Seagate's certified Partner Program which differentiated major VARs and SIs from their competitors by providing a rigorous technical certification program.

During a seven year tenure at VMARK (now Ascential, Inc., and acquired by IBM®), Andy earned both regional and national awards for technical excellence and consulting sales. It was there he first learned DataStage™ as VMARK initially introduced it to the ETL market.

Andy also gained over ten years of valuable product marketing experience managing major product lines for two computer systems manufacturers: Prime Computer and Encore Computer Systems.

Andy has been a featured speaker throughout his career, giving presentations and demonstrations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States concerning the efficient deployment of technology to create dynamic business solutions.

Dennis James has over 25 years experience in the computer software and services industry and is currently Vice President of Strategies2Integrate and President of DCS-Strategies (DCS). Dennis formed DCS in 1998 to specialize in the deployment of powerful database and data integration tools by experienced consultants. DCS has provided a wide range of services to clients all over the US during the past 8 years, and has a proven track record of providing talented, experienced professionals that have ensured successful deployments of data integration products at companies like AIG, BellSouth, PageNet, Exel Logistics, Neiman Marcus, A.G. Edwards, and Blockbuster.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dennis opened the southern region of VMARK (now known as Ascential Software Corporation, an IBM® Company) in Dallas, as VMARK’s 40th employee. His sales and leadership, combined with his recruitment of powerful VARs and end users resulted in large numbers of new sales and clients critical to VMARK’s spectacular growth. Dennis has also been involved with DataStage™ since its inception, and spearheaded its initial launch as the DataStage™ field sales director for VMARK.

Since forming DCS, Dennis has leveraged his relationships with key management within Ascential to create added functionality around the IBM® Websphere® Data Integration Suite; most notably Version Control for DataStage™. Dennis negotiated the sale of Version Control to Ascential and the product is now an integral part of the product suite. Since then, Dennis has served as the Editor of the largest independent data integration oriented web site, DSXchange, and has provided products and services to this growing community. He continues to support and promote the IBM® Websphere® Data Integration product line in his current capacity as Vice President of Strategies2Integrate.

Dennis’s mission is centered around the value add provided by partnerships and application developers who are dedicated to finding a vertical niche, and then devoting their passion to providing industry leading solutions to specialized clients. Dennis’ entire career has followed vertically solutions and has given him unique insight regarding the needs of VARs.




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Developer bundles enable VARs to enhance and customize their product offerings.

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Strategies2Integrate (S2I) contributes to the Data Integration Community through its support of the DSXchange and the DataStageXchange.

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