Strategies2Integrate provides Developer and Embedded bundles. Developer bundles enable VARs to customize and enhance product offerings while Embedded bundles target VAR end users.

Individual Products

IBM® Websphere® DataStage™
IBM® Websphere® DataStage enables the tight integratation of enterprise information, regardless of source, target, or time frames. Whether building a data warehouse or integrating source systems to support strategic business systems like CRM, SCM, ERP, BI/analytics, and e-business, DataStage helps ensure the success of data integration initiatives.Learn more...

IBM® Websphere® MetaStage™
IBM® Websphere® MetaStage provides business users and IT professionals with analysis, reporting and management capabilities for corporate- wide metadata integration. It delivers graphical assessment of the impact of change and stewardship of the business and technical meaning and origin of a corporation’s data. Learn more...

IBM® Websphere® ProfileStage™
IBM® Websphere® ProfileStage is a data profiling and source system analysis solution. ProfileStage completely automates this all-important first step in data integration, dramatically reducing the time it takes to profile data from months to weeks or even days.Learn more...

IBM® Websphere® QualityStage™
IBM® Websphere® QualityStage provides a powerful framework for developing and deploying data investigation, standardization, enrichment, probabilistic matching and survivorship operations. For use in transactional, operational, or analytic applications, in batch and real-time, the same services are seamlessly deployed to facilitate data validation, cleansing or master data entity consolidation for customers, locations and products. Learn more...

IBM® WebSphere® DataStage SOA Edition™
IBM® WebSphere® DataStage SOA Edition™ is a service-oriented architecture (SOA)—enabling components of the IBM® WebSphere® Enterprise Integration Suite™ to function across a continuum of time constraints, application suites, interface protocols and integration technologies. Learn more...

IBM® WebSphere® DataStage™ TX
IBM® WebSphere® DataStage TX delivers the ability to easily and seamlessly automate the transformation and intelligent content-based routing of transactional data in high-volume, complex hierarchical data structures in a single pass as a logical unit of work without the need for hand-coding or invasive integration, resulting in a quick return on investment. Learn more...




Developer Bundles
Developer bundles enable VARs to enhance and customize their product offerings.

Embedded Bundles
Embedded bundles run within VAR applications and inject the power of IBM® WebSphere® Data Integration Suite products to the end user.

Individual Products
Learn the ins and outs of IBM® WebSphere® Data Integration Suite products.

Data Knowledge
Strategies2Integrate (S2I) contributes to the Data Integration Community through its support of the DSXchange and the DataStageXchange.

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