Strategies2Integrate (S2I) provides Integration, Development, Marketing & Sales, and Education Services to assist VARs and System Integrators in fully utilizing embedded Ascential™ products.


In addition to our embedded product offerings, Strategies2Integrate provides a full range of services to facilitate Integration, Development, Marketing & Sales, and Education.


As with any robust technical offering, the Ascential Enterprise Data Integration Suite™ requires a certain amount of expertise to fully utilize its power. This especially comes into play when integrating into existing applications. Our technical resources have years of experience with Ascential products in a variety of environments. In addition these technical experts understand and appreciate the importance of enhancing ROI and focus on building solutions that will reduce costs and leverage existing models.


When implementing Ascential Software™ products into existing applications, the power of these products often leads to a plethora of ideas of how to further expand and improve offerings. Our team of technical resources can assist. By possessing a rich understanding and experience base of numerous technologies including data integration, software development and business intelligence development, our team can expand and enhance applications as the customer desires.

Marketing & Sales

Through co-marketing programs including email campaigns, newsletters, web broadcasts, and web communities, Strategies2Integrate can increase expansion to new markets and customers. Typically this can take place in two ways. First Strategies2Integrate’s direct experience in each of these areas enables the creation of custom developed campaigns that best fit target markets. Secondly Strategies2Integrate's existing depth of exposure to the data integration market place has enabled S2I to build a database of potential clients in many different markets.


Our education offerings include instruction on Ascential products as well as custom developed curriculum for VAR applications. Our data integration team can handle the instructional needs of each Ascential product while our educational development team custom develops e-curriculum to meet end-user needs.




Developer Bundles
Developer bundles enable VARs to enhance and customize their product offerings.

Embedded Bundles
Embedded bundles run within VAR applications and inject the power of Ascential Software products to the end user.

Individual Products
Learn the ins and outs of Ascential products.

Data Knowledge
Strategies2Integrate (S2I) contributes to the Data Integration Community through its support of the DSXchange and the DataStageXchange.

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